What Ash Does

Ash Latif - dynamic, forward thinking, inspiring, directional, motivational....

Ash is one of the only Asian motivational speakers and peak performance coaches in the United Kingdom. Ash is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after dynamic speakers in Britain.

Inspiring his audiences using humour, interesting stories and anecdotes to convey his unforgettable messages, Ash will take your company mission statement and interpret it in ways you never thought possible. His wealth of experience in addressing groups of people will win you over from the outset. You are sure to warm to Ash's' friendliness and his anecdotes plucked from the air - it seems. But don't be misled by Ash's calmness and confidence. The preparation which goes into one of Ash's conferences or after dinner speeches is phenomenal.

Call Ash today and speak to the guy who will add additional power and focus to your event, conference or project!