About Ash

Ash was an academically challenged student in his former years, he failed in almost every subject. However against all odds he overcame adversity and finished university with a first class honours degree. Whilst in his final year at university he had a life changing experience - an experience which he describes as his "awakening". He was left to make a choice; either take his life in a downward spiral or take responsibility for his life.

Ash became interested in the psychology of success and went on to study some of the worlds greatest achievers and technologies for success and optimum performance.

Today Ash is a highly energetic and self motivated professional who is committed to helping others unleash and discover their full potential. Ash not only talks about success, he walks his talk. He believes success is an inherent ability within each and everyone of us, however most people do not clearly define success or believe it is possible.

Ash's motto is "You only fail if you fail to learn the lesson life presents you."